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Welcome to DEW - Daniel's Electronic Wiki

This Wiki has been created to contribute at least a bit in Open Source.
I have been using Open Source solutions for years and now the time comes for PAYBACK :)

You can find here all my projects which I can share with Open Source community.
Unfortunately I have not enough time to put here all what I want to share with you,
but in time here gonna be more and more useful stuff (I hope)

My aim is to cover all categories, you can see on the bottom !

WIKI - info

My wiki is closed for public edition because of security reasons.
If you would like to contribute you can leave comments in each project page (first you need to register here)
Alternatively if you would like to, you can always e-mail me by using this form

What's new:

I have uploaded my logo and new favicon :D
And I have fixed some cosmetic issues

01.12.2014 - Getting started

My WiKi has been officially launched :]
As Duke Nukem used to say: Come get some