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I2C Tools for FTDI

FTDI is amassing chip which allow you easily create USB -> I2C interface.
However when it comes to use it under Linux it is not so obvious. I used to
use i2c-tools from Debian repository on embedded systems like Beagle Bone or Raspberry PI.
This systems have native build-in I2C devices so i2c-tools can be used very easy.
Unfortunately when you are using usual PC with Debian or other Linux system you have no i2c device,
until you will make some hacks to use I2C from your motherboard or RAM.
There are some ready libraries and dedicated programs to communicate with FTDI and create I2C communication.
But what if you would like to use this amassing i2c-tools with it? Unfortunately I have not found any solution
which could allow me to do it. So I come to an idea to create such tools by using some ready library.
I have chosen libmpsse because is is free and there are few nice examples.

Therefore below you can find I2C Tools for ftdi. Code name: ftdi-tools.


This tools need libmpsse-1.3 library. Installation instructions: here.
I am including this library as well in my SVN repository.

Source code

Work in progress.
Source code for 'ftdi-tools' you can download from my SVN (login,pass: svn_read):

BASH code
svn --username svn_read --password svn_read co


XX.XX.2015 - __________

Nothing reported yet.


XX.XX.2015 - Version 1.0

Work in progress.

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