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Copyright & License

On the very beginning I would like to say that not all what I am going to place here
is in 100% my work. In most of my projects I have used some parts or full designs of
other engineers. I do my best to include information about authors or place of origin regarding used IP.
However I am just human (at least for now) ;) Some of projects are going to be old designs as well.
Therefore there is quite big probability that I can forget to put there someones name or I just
haven't got one. So if it happens and you will notice it please contact me and I am going to correct it.

Most of my projects is going to be under GNU GPL v3 license.
You can find it here GNU GPL v3 Standalone

If you want to use one of my desing please do not hesitate and do it :D
All I ask is: put please in your project link to my Wiki and leave some note that I am an author.

In addition if you would like to donate me I would be very thankful :)
Details regarding that you can find here: Donation

E-mail Me

You can e-mail me by using this form